[Podcast] Deep Dive on Defense - Chris Vasseur Rip Liz Match w/ Kyle Cogan

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 4/9/2019

Today’s Coach and Coordinator podcast kicks off a new series titled, “Deep Dive on Defense,” with guest host and Clovis (Calif.) High School Defensive Coordinator Chris Vasseur.

This series gives defensive coaches an opportunity to find and share concepts which are most commonly available for their counterparts on offense.

In today’s episode, Coach Vasseur is joined by Lexington (Mo.) High School Defensive Coordinator Kyle Cogan as he shares the Rip Liz Match Cover 3 coverage concept. Coach Cogan lays out why it was built, how it’s taught and how it’s effective.

01:44 – Why feature a “Deep Dive on Defense” series?

03:43 – Making Episode 1

06:44 – Introduce Coach Kyle Cogan, defensive coordinator of Lexington (Mo.) High School

08:10 – Coach Cogan’s coaching journey

11:00 – Practicing defense against the single wing offense

14:12 – Why was Rip Liz Match created?

17:35 – How do coaches teach Rip Liz Match?

· Divider Rules

· Position Maintenance

27:15 – Scooch/shuffle technique

30:15 – The zone-to-man concept in Rip Liz

31:21 – Position rules

31:50 – Corners

36:54 – Overhang

47:05 – Hook defenders

59:40 – Four-Strong Shallow

1:04:15 – Middle of the field safety

1:08:10 – Why should coaches use Rip Liz?

1:11:30 – How to prepare for offenses testing this coverage

1:15:10 – What will you call?

1:16:55 – USA Football’s Advanced Tackling System


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