[Podcast] State Champions - John Marinelli, Greenwich High School (Conn)

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 4/12/2019

On this episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, Keith Grabowski is joined by Greenwich (Conn.) High School head coach John Marinelli. Marinelli had the unique opportunity to coach against his father in the Connecticut Interscholastic Athlete Conference (CIAC) Class LL 2018 state title where he led the Cardinals to victory, securing his first state title as a head coach. He reflects on the 2018 season and qualities of his Cardinal program.

01:00 Old school coach, new school mentality

02:28 Offseason leading to a championship

05:10 Putting intangibles into practice

09:00 Accountability

11:42 Focus 3

13:08 Patriot game planning

18:28 Window dressing

20:45 How much Coach Marinelli carries in a game plan

23:35 Managing the team

26:27 Adjustment as the head coach

28:42 Key concept from 2018

31:25 Teaching linebackers patient stunts

35:10 Winning edge

36:20 Connect with coach

Email: john.marinelli@grenwich.com


[PODCAST] Greenwich (Connecticut) High School coach John Marinelli talks about in-game communication

An emotional week of triumph, tragedy and family for Greenwich coach John Marinelli

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