[Podcast] Deep Dive on Defense with Chris Vasseur - Blitzology with Brian Vaughn

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 4/24/2019

On today’s episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, the “Deep Dive on Defense” series continues with guest host and Clovis (Calif.) High School defensive coordinator Chris Vasseur.

This series gives defensive coaches an opportunity to find and share concepts that are most commonly available for their counterparts on offense.

Coach Vasseur is joined by Florida Tech co–defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach Brian Vaughn. Coach Vaughn shares why he blitzes, his blitz blog and the variations of pressures a coach can use on defense.

03:05 Coach Vaughn’s coaching journey

11:45 Starting the blitzology site

16:05 Teaching the blitz

20:05 Run pressures vs. split zone

34:54 Facing counter/power

40:45 Cutter

40:20 Pressure vs. power

44:50 Blitz coverage vs. 11-/20-personnel

47:33 Pressure vs. 10-personnel

51:30 One of Coach Vaughn’s favorite blitzes

58:00 Blitzing against RPO

1:07:12 Studying opponents for pass pressures

1:12:00 Breaking down the pressure menu

1:14:30 Blitz vs. TE release

1:18:45 Blitz vs. big-on-big

1:23:10 Blitz vs. scat

1:31:10 Why blitz?

1:35:30 What do you call?

1:37:45 Connect with coach:

Twitter: @BrianMVaughn



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