[Podcast] Deep Dive on Defense - the three safety defense with Ty Gower, DC Princeton HS (TX)

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 4/30/2019

On today’s episode of the Coach and Coordinator Podcast, the “Deep Dive on Defense series returns with guest host Chris Vassuer joined by Ty Gower, defensive coordinator at Princeton (Texas) High School. Prior to Princeton, Gower was the defensive coordinator at both Norman (Okla.) North and Westmoore High School in Moore, Okla. and a defensive assistant at Broken Arrow (Okla.) High School. Coach Gower discusses the evolution of his three-high safety defense.

1:17 Introduction

2:08 Ty Gower’s coaching journey

3:50 Gower’s move to Texas

5:08 How Gower got into using the three-high safety defense. Moving the Jack backer.

9:44 Teaching the Jack to play coverages

10:53 Changes with college hashes

11:35 2x2 ball on right hash alignments

12:27 How much the Jack rushed prior to use

13:15 Self-scouting to know yourself and what you do

15:10 Similarities to Robber coverage

16:15 Keeping the structure of Palms coverage

17:00 Nose technique

18:38 Using back set as a key

19:30 Playing vs. same side RPO

22:22 Alignment and assignment vs. 3x1

25:45 Tagging the FS to have No. 3

28:32 No new teaching for everyone except Jack 29:35 The Advanced Tackling System

32:09 Variations on the backside to bracket a great receiver

33:55 Playing coverage on the running back

36:30 Defensive line play

37:37 Strength calls

38:54 Zone dogs from the hash

41:04 How to play the 4i’s

43:41 Fitting the run with 4i’s

44:28 If the 4i gets doubled

45:12 Teaching the 4i and 0 the same way

47:36 Thick and thin principle based on the back

49:21 Trying to be stretch proof vs. the offense

49:56 Reading the back set pre-snap

55:30 Structure of aligning vs. formation and back set

56:58 Thoughts on flipping the Will to trips

1:02:00 Pop stunt

1:04:07 Playing the nose on guard pulls

1:07:31 Changeup vs. pulling guard

1:11:02 The equation: Five is greater than four. Three is less than four.

1:17:00 The situation

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