Prep for the Season: Fanbooks partners with USA Football for new fundraising opportunity

By Gehrig Parker | Posted 5/13/2019

The traits of a successful fundraiser are very similar to that of a successful coach, both require planning, preparation and communication.

As coaches implement new schemes and wrinkles this spring, it’s equally as important for coaches and league officials to lay the foundation for a productive fundraising season before the busy summer months sneak up.

This season USA Football has paired with Fanbooks, which provides solutions for organizations to collaborate and create on-demand personalized keepsake books. Fanbooks creates high-quality soft and hard cover books that fans can personalize with their own photos.

All books are printed on demand and shipped to the buyer. There’s no cost to get setup, no minimum orders and no inventory. Even better, fundraising directors don't have to track anyone down after the season in order to give them their books. Best of all, Fanbooks donates back 20 percent of all proceeds to the organization! Visit to get your team Fanbooks setup today!

USA Football has also partnered with FlipGiveDynamic Drinkware and Super Fan Fundraising to help equip coaches with the tools they need to ensure their programs have all the resources required for a fruitful season.

Sometimes the best fundraisers are the ones you create on your own. This article by FNF Coaches explores four creative initiatives that different programs have developed.

We know that getting started can be difficult, luckily, FlipGive has a series of YouTube videos titled “Fundraising 101” to help coaches navigate the process.

The videos walk coaches through how to choose, plan and execute a fundraiser, including the following key steps:

  • Identifying which type of fundraiser makes sense for your program
  • Understanding the commitment requirement by players and coaches
  • How to identify the upfront costs – and payouts – of fundraisers
  • How to collaborate effectively with parents

No matter how you go about your fundraising efforts in your community, be sure to take steps now to make sure your fundraising hits the mark this season.

To learn more about USA Football's fundraising resources, click here.