Coaches Notes Preview: Adding the Shallow concept to your passing game

By Jarrett Troxler | Posted 5/31/2019

Massillon Drive Concept

  • Full field concept
  • We take the Drive concept into every game
  • It is great vs. zone or man coverages
  • The keys to being successful at Drive:
    1. Teach it!
    2. Drill/Rep it!
    3. Call it!



Teach it!

We teach the concept first and that usually takes place during the spring or summer. It is really important you go through everything on the whiteboard with the kids. You show them film of it and then you install it.

  1. Install it on the whiteboard
  2. Show film of the concept
  3. Install – we will put together installs for the players on Hudl with film noted up


Drill/Rep it!

We will rep the concept against air, then we’ll get into QB Drills. You need to do a good job of creating drills that are specific to the throws the quarterback is going to make. In this case, it’s the Drive concept. We’ll then get into routes vs. air. Finally, we’ll work it in a 7-on-7 and team period. 7-on-7 is a great time to teach. We don’t do 7-on-7 once the season starts. We then move into “team pass.” Team pass allows us to do a lot of things at once. We work blitz pickup, protections and the concept all at once.

  1. Vs. Air
  2. QB Drills
  3. RVA (Routes vs. Air)
  4. 7-on-7/Team Pass/Team


Call it!

You have to call this play. The more you call it, the better you get at it.


Drive Scheme


This is out of a 2x2 base set. Up front, we like to set our slide to where the shallow is coming. We are putting the slide side towards the shallow and the man side away from the shallow. We do this because our quarterback is looking at the shallow first and we want that side protected well. We are throwing hot off of the Will LB.

The progression is:

  1. Shallow
  2. Dig
  3. Swing


On the backside, you can do a lot of things with the X-receiver. You can run a China route or a vertical (fade). This route changes from weekly defending on how they’re playing us and what coverage we are getting. With that being said, I typically like the post route.

I like the post because if we are seeing that weak safety (WS) trying to get down on that dig, we can take a peek at this post.

You can do the same thing with the Z-receiver. You can change his route however you want. You can run him on a comeback, a post, etc.

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Coach Troxler shares the why and the how behind his shallow concept. 


The installation plan for how this is taught is shared to include video on the drills utilized to teach the skills necessary for the shallow concept.


How to overcome difficulties within the scheme and offense. 

About Jarrett Troxler

Jarrett Troxler is the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Massillon Washington in Massillon, Ohio. Coach Troxler has been coaching high school football for 18 years. This year marked coach’s third year at Massillon Washington. Prior, he was a head coach and offensive coordinator in the state of Georgia for 10 years. Troxler started out coaching on the defensive side of the ball before transitioning to the offensive side of the ball.


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