[Podcast] Deep Thinking the Game with Thad Wells, Head Coach Mooresville HS (NC)

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 6/10/2019

Today on the Coach and Coordinator podcast is returning guest, Thad Wells, head coach at Mooresville (N.C.) High School. In his first season at Mooresville, he led a previously 4-8 team to a 9-4 record and the school’s first playoff in ten years. Prior to Mooresville, Wells was the head coach at Blacksburg (Va.) High School for three seasons. Under Wells, Blacksburg went 27-12 overall, including state title in 2016.

On today’s show, Wells and host Keith Grabowski converse about how to think the game on a deeper level, including how to find ways to improve that other coaches aren’t thinking about.

1:46 Future of football

4:23 Finding success as a coach

7:05 Use of technology in the high school game and developing ways to improve as a coach

15:09 Use of personal development time for coaches

20:00 How recruiting is one of the biggest areas for growth in the sport

25:02 Finding opportunities to improve your program

33:30 OODA Loop

37:22 Evolution of tempo on offense/defense and position-less offense

44:00 Building practice to match your philosophy

49:45 Learning in practice and taking advantage of practice

52:00 Training players and coaches with VR

55:15 Finding different areas to improve

1:01:40 Creating situations to improve communication between players on the field

1:06:37 How improving systems can save time

1:10:18 Cheap ways to train your eyes

1:13:23 Connect with Coach


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