[Podcast] Deep Dive on Defense - Split Safety Coverages with Jerry Gordon, Nauset High School (MA)

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 6/12/2019

On today’s Coach and Coordinator podcast, the “Deep Dive on Defense” series continues as Jerry Gordon sits down with guest host Chris Vasseur. Gordon, a former walk-on at UMass, is a coaching veteran, having spent time coaching in the now defunct USFL, collegiately and at the high school level. In 2018, Gordon took over the defensive responsibilities at Nauset High School in Eastham, Mass. Coach joined the podcast to take a deep dive on split coverages.  

Show Notes

4:55 Nauset’s 2018 season

8:00 Coach’s journey

16:05 More of Coach’s journey

23:20 How Coach’s journey led him to Don Brown

29:05 Coach’s book on split coverages

33:34 Main coverages Coach likes to run towards strong-side 2 read

45:12 2 read, trap and rub and different calls

52:03 Weak side coverages – blue, sky or rat

55:25 Choice concept

59:05 Coverages vs. trips

1:05:43 How his defense evolved as offenses spread out

1:11:30 Playing against the RPO

1:19:05 Coach’s contact info

1:23:51 Pressure situation call


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