[Podcast] All In On Offense with A.J. Smith

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 6/13/2019

On this episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast’s “All In On Offense” series, host Keith Grabowski is joined by A.J. Smith to discuss the art of the 4 verts. Smith has extensive offensive experience having previously been the quarterback coach at Jackson State (Miss.) under Hal Mumme and at Southeastern University (Fla.) as well.

Show Notes:

2:28 Coach’s experience with 4 verts

5:36 4 Verts vs. Rip/Liz

7:22 Benefits of the switch tag

11:32 Basic QB progressions and reads with 4 verts (question by Matt Nielsen)

18:30 4 Verts out of 2x2 vs. Cover 2

30:10 Communication in progressions

40:26 Getting the Z involved and training the QB to go through his reads

49:32 Working the reads in practice

52:23 4 verts out of trips

56:30 In the 3x1, the landmark for the No.3 (question by Tye Hiatt)

1:07:48 Coaches staying true to themselves

1:10:45 Switching out of the 3x1

1:14:05 Using the shallow tag

1:17:03 Running back’s role

1:19:31 4 verts out of empty (question by Hutch Gonzalez)

1:20:52 Advice for a coach starting to implement 4 verts

Connect with Coach:

Twitter: @AustinJamesXFL


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