[Podcast] The Role of Tackling Boss with Peyton Allen, Defensive Line Coach, Maine Maritime

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 6/16/2019

On today’s episode of USA Football’s Coach and Coordinator podcast, host Keith Grabowski is joined by Peyton Allen, defensive line coach at Maine Maritime Academy. Allen was a player at Bridgewater College before being converted to an offensive coach due to an injury he sustained his junior year. He transitioned over to the defensive side of the ball and served as “tackle boss” going into the fall of 2018. Allen learned first-hand under Coach Rob Everett, one of the best tackling analytics coaches in the country, while at Bridgewater.

Show Notes

1:24 Coach’s Journey

3:50 Allen’s role as the tackle boss under Rob Everett

5:21 Resources Allen used to successfully operate as tackle boss

7:26 How did his role as tackling boss change how he viewed coaching

9:39 Finding a starting point and building consistency when grading tackling       

11:51 How the skills he builds as tackle boss can translate to other aspects of coaching

14:30 Daily workflow in camp

17:00 Not separating between positions

19:10 Using the previous days report to plan the next practice

20:41 In-season workflow

23:15 Fitting the system into the weekly game plan

25:21 Tackling time in practice

27:31 How much information is shared with players

29:24 How the system affects personnel and scouting

31:25 Tackling boss’ role on game day

33:21 How the system affected the culture of their defense

33:28 Best way to buy in to the Five Fights

39:14 Connect with Coach

Twitter: @CoachPAllenFb

Gmail: coachpeytonallen@gmail.com


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