[Podcast] Deep Dive on Defense – Cover 7 with California Assistant Dante Bartee (Part 1)

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 6/25/2019

On today’s Coach and Coordinator podcast, guest host Chris Vasseur sits down with Dante Bartee, a grad assistant at Cal. Despite being only 23 years of age, Bartee has been coaching for six years. As a junior and senior at Perry High School (Ariz.), he spent two years helping with film analysis, scout team and scouting. In 2014 at only age 19, he became a co-defensive coordinator, a role in which he would have all to himself over the next two seasons. In 2018, Coach Bartee was the linebacker coach for the Upper Iowa Peacocks. Bartee joins the podcast today to talk about the Cover 7 defense.

1:40 Coach’s journey

9:28 Basics of Cover 7

17:06 What makes Cover 7 so attractive to coaches

19:48 History of Cover 7

24:26 Starting point for installing Cover 7

26:43 “MOD” and other basics

35:48 Difference between mod and box

38:11 MEG

42:39 Cone

49:23 What to do vs. the “simple plays”

53:11 “Switch”

58:44 Playing switch in high school

1:00:26 Star alignment

1:04:39 Red zone switch


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