[Podcast] Home Team - Bart Miller, Offensive Line Coach Wyoming

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 7/8/2019

On today’s Coach and Coordinator podcast, we hand the keys over to guest host Joel Nellis for another “Home Team” segment. Nellis sits down with University of Wyoming offensive line coach Bart Miller. Coach Miller is in his first season at Wyoming, having spent time previously at Ohio, Air Force, Minnesota and Florida Atlantic among multiple other stops along his coaching journey. Miller sits down with Nellis to talk about his home team and the impact his family has had on his coaching career.

4:57 How Coach met his wife, Amy, and what her occupation is

7:08 Why Amy is so valuable to his life

8:40 Coaches kids, Barrett and Gunner

11:10 How he communicated with his wife about becoming a coach

14:50 Deciding the right time to have kids

16:16 What their biggest factors have been in decision-making

19:50 Coach’s advice about moving

23:32 Story about a trip home

24:34 Things Miller does during the season to spend time with family

26:26 Coach’s home responsibilities

27:45 Involving kids of coaches in programs

30:35 Managing phone time while he’s at home with family

32:12 How they avoid spending too much time in the office

36:37 Adversity his family has had to overcome

39:13 One aspect of parenting that carries over into coaching

41:33 Making players feel valuable

44:31 Something Miller changed recently to become a better coach

47:07 What legacy Miller is striving for as a coach


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