Mobile Virtual Player (MVP) Becomes USA Football’s Preferred Tackling Equipment Partner

By Gehrig Parker | Posted 7/10/2019

Mobile Virtual Player (MVP) – the company to develop and patent the world’s first self-righting robotic tackling dummy to help reduce player-on-player contact and the overall incidence of injuries suffered during football practices – is now the preferred tackling equipment partner of USA Football.

What began as a collaboration between Dartmouth head football coach Buddy Teevens and a group of engineers and athletes from Dartmouth's Thayer School of Engineering has spread throughout the football coaching community. Current users of MVP’s various robotic tackling dummy models span half of the NFL, more than 40 college programs and over 70 high schools, including the Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, Auburn Tigers, Dartmouth Big Green, Georgia Bulldogs, Michigan Wolverines and Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Engineered to replicate an in-game experience by simulating the size, speed and agility of an elite player, MVP’s robotic tackling dummies range from 120 to 190 pounds and reach speeds up to 18 mph on both grass and turf surfaces. Not only do the robotic tackling dummies address player safety, but they also improve player performance and technique.

This summer, MVP released a newer lower-priced model, MVP|SPRINT, for high school and youth programs.  By redesigning and sourcing consumer electronic parts, the MVP team was able to successfully create a robotic dummy that is durable, sells for $3,450 and has increased performance on grass and the rougher field types that high school and youth programs often practice on.

Prior to its release, USA Football was able to use the MVP|SPRINT, as well as the MVP|DRIVE and MVP|JUNIOR, in their U.S. National Team program.

“MVP’s advanced technology elevates the learning of the next generation of American football players,” said Aaron Ingram, senior manager of U.S. National Teams for USA Football. “The capabilities of each of MVP’s products benefits every position on the field and helps coaches better teach the fundamentals of tackling while putting a priority on player safety.”

The MVP|SPRINT will begin shipping in August for the 2019 season and is now available for order. Reserve yours today with a $350 down payment. For more information on MVP, visit