[Podcast] Training Camp - LA Tech's Kurt Hester shares knowledge on strength, conditioning, movement + practice

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 8/7/2019

For today’s Coach and Coordinator podcast, Louisiana Tech strength and conditioning coach Kurt Hester joins coach Keith Grabowski to go over his role with the Bulldogs, in and outside of the weight room. Hester also addresses in-season strength training as well as incorporating “Fast Friday” and “No Sweat Thursday” into each teams’ weekly schedule from a scientific perspective. Hester has been in his role at LA Tech since 2013, while also formerly holding the position of National Director of Training for the D1 Sports Training Center (Nashville, Tenn.) and having worked with athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL, including Peyton Manning and Phillip Rivers.

Show Notes:

1:16 Coach Hester’s out-of-weight-room involvement

 4:20 Why old school conditioning is out of date

9:22 Use of technology versus eyes in practice

11:42 Why weight room numbers won’t necessarily reflect on-field play

 14:57 Tips to prepare for conditioning during week one and beyond

 17:11 In-season strength training

18:51 Proper footwear to maintain health throughout the season

20:19 Using “Fast Friday” in weekly practice routine

22:45 Pregame schedule for multi-position players

23:40 The scientific approach of light practice leading into games

25:54 Coach Hester’s best tip going into the 2019 season


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