[Podcast] Training Camp Series - Readiness and Preparedness with Fergus Connolly

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 8/15/2019

For today’s Coach and Coordinator podcast, Dr. Fergus Connolly makes his return to the show. Dr. Connolly is one of the world’s foremost human performance thought leaders and influencers, and has applied performance science with leading sports, military, and business teams. Including being one of the top individuals in his field, Connolly is the only coach to have had full-time roles in every major sport. On today’s show, Connolly will be discussing his approach to practice and training camp for athletes and coaches.

0:40 Preparing for the season

3:35 Readiness

6:20 Preparedness

8:10 Drill design and effectiveness

14:45 Managing reps and ensuring they’re quality reps

17:50 Using technical and tactical drills for warmups

21:00 Playing up-tempo for fitness

23:15 Only coaching and/or teaching off film

25:40 The importance of players self-correcting

27:06 Readiness and preparedness applied to coaches

30:20 Preview of Connolly’s new series


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