[Podcast] Friday Reflection: Making sure your culture is executed in practice to get game day outcomes

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 9/27/2019

On today’s Coach and Coordinator podcast, host Keith Grabowski takes an article from friend of the show Rob Pomazak and details how you review your week of practice. Pomazak is the head coach at St. Charles (Ill.) North High School and is a perennial state championship contender. Prior to coming to St. Charles, Pomazak spent 10 seasons at Elk Grove (Ill.) High School, including the last two years as the defensive coordinator and assistant head coach.

1:05 Reviewing the week at Coach and Coordinator

5:51 Rob Pomazak’s article

6:54 Keeping the foundation consistent

8:03 Unit leaders instead of assistant coaches

9:04 Overall belief, behavior and outcome in practices

14:34 Evaluation, modification, remediation

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