[Podcast] Self Evaluation

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 11/21/2019

On today’s Coach and Coordinator podcast, host Keith Grabowski shared his thoughts on one of the first things you can do once your season ends. Staff evaluation can be used and conducted in different ways, and it’s very important to improving your team the following season. Grabowski details different questions and points you should address with your staff and how to go about doing so.

1:15 Why the staff needs evaluation

2:05 The duties of your staff

3:40 Professional development

4:30 Knowledge of your systems

4:52 Commitment to the offseason

5:25 Reflecting on the development of their athletes

5:45 General survey of the program

7:08 Coordinators

8:07 Involvement in the community

9:50 Reaching your younger staff

10:30 Timing of the evaluation

11:30 What to do with these evaluations

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