[Podcast] Deliberate Practice Week 13 - Post Season Analysis, Breaking Down Technique Errors

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 11/21/2019

Today’s co-host on the Coach and Coordinator podcast is Andy Ryland, USA Football senior manager in education and training. While working at USA Football, he has helped develop the Heads Up Football and Master Trainer programs as well as worked in improving tackling techniques. Before coming to USA Football, Ryland spent time playing for the USA Men’s National Rugby team. He played linebacker in college at Penn State University.

Ryland and Grabowski continue their conversation of how you can evaluate your team’s practices and games from the previous year to get better in 2020.

2:45 Reviewing the previous episodes

4:00 Improving units during the offseason through the numbers

13:30 Using the coach’s eye – detail

15:00 Looking at your defensive line movements

19:50 Becoming a better football player through skills

23:30 Using USA Football’s systems this offseason

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Vision, Decision, Action. Andy Ryland - Senior Manager of Education and Training, USA Football

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