Play of the Day - Massillon Washington's Power RPO

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 12/7/2019

Today’s Play of the Day is from Nate Moore, head coach at Massillon Washington High School in Massillon, OH. Coach loves his Iowa Z because it involves his base run play, power. Coach puts his fullback and running back stacked almost directly behind the guard giving the fullback a clear route on his kick out block on the end and the running back a clear field of vision to read his blocker. The backside guard does his normal pull looking for the play side linebacker. The running back isn’t quite looking to hit it in A gap, but is trying to hit it vertically. Moore pairs his power look with a tag screen to the two receiver side. The inside receiver is on the LOS and most likely blocking the corner, but is responsible for the most dangerous man. The outside receiver is taking two steps the coming back to receive the pass and trying to hit the hole vertically. It’s mainly a read on the SAM linebacker.


#1 Receiver Play side: 2 yards then comeback for quick screen

#2 Receiver Play side: blocking corner or most dangerous man

#1 Receiver back side: take off

Fullback: end kick out

OL: power responsibilities

RB: power, keeping it vertical

QB: Reading the overhang LB, if he cheats in, throw the screen, if he cheats towards the receiver, give the ball and run power

Power RPO

About Coach Moore:   

Coach Moore has been the head man at Massilon Washington since the 2015 season. This past season, the Tigers boasted an undefeated regular season and made it all the way to the State Finals. For his work this past season, Moore was awarded the Stark County Coach of the year award. In 2017, coach led the Tigers to a Division 2 Playoff Regional Championship.

Prior to his time at Massilion, Moore was head coach at Cincinnati LaSalle HS for 2 years. During that time, Moore led the team to a State Title and won the GCL South Coach of the year award and was the Ohio Division 2 coach of the Year. Additionally, he was the Cincinnati Bengals Coach of the year as well and came in 6th place for the Paul Brown Award for Excellence and Leadership.

Moore was also a head coach at Minster HS and an assistant coach at Dayton Chaminade-Julienne HS and Hamilton High School.

Connect with Coach:

Twitter: @CoachNMoore