[Podcast] Best of Offensive Line Coaches - 10 Coaches on Building OL Culture

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 12/9/2019

On today’s podcast we put together the thoughts and ideas of 10 college and pro offensive line coaches on how they build the culture within their offensive line unit. Each has a different aspect that they focus on in building the chemistry of this important position group.

Matt Jones is currently at the University of Tennessee at Martin. He is the creator of the highly popular #LinemenLunch. He shared his thoughts on how accountability, discipline and being physical are an important part of building the unit.

Joe Ashfield is currently at Rice University. He discussed building the culture at Rice and how it takes time to get buy in, that you have to grow together and ways to put your players in positions to lead.

Herb Hand, currently the offensive line coach at Texas, is one of the best in the business and talked to us while he was at Auburn. For Hand, understanding shared Accountability and trust are important to building a strong culture in the unit. For him, it is about having high standards and being demanding that those are met.

Jonathan Himebauch joined us while he was coaching for the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL. He is now the offensive line coach for the XFL’s Tampa Bay Vipers. He shared his ideas on how it is about being a part of something bigger, creating five as one and how he goes about nicknaming the unit.

Cody Kennedy is the offensive line coach at Tulane and joined us prior to the 2019 season. Kennedy talks about clear standards, positive interaction, communication, camaraderie and connection as important components that build a culture.

Bart Miller of the Wyoming Cowboys joined us on the “Home Team” series and discussed how to measure discipline, standards, and why it’s important to have “our” way of doing things. He stressed the importance of the coaches caring.

Sam Parker helped lead Ferris State to a NCAA Division II runner-up finish in 2018. He talked about developing the unit’s role on the team as guardians, offensive line mindset and how they watch the game and practice, which is a big part of their culture and success.

Oklahoma has been one of the top college offenses over the last several years and offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh and his unit are a big component of that success. He discusses the expectations of the offensive line coach, recruiting the guys who fit and most importantly, how this has to be about more than football.

Doug Patterson has been the offensive line coach at St. Cloud State University since 2007. He shares his thoughts on how learning is a part of their culture and his expectations for how he wants the offensive line to do “homework” assignments while watching film as well as creating interaction and building ownership of the players.

Coach Jason “Hoss” Houghtaling is now the head coach at FCS Wagner University. His background is in offensive line, and he talks about being one unit, how execution is a big part of culture, the hands, eyes, feet cycle, base fundamentals, communication and understanding why and how you do things.