Play of the Day - 34 Power Houston Option from Liberty High School (CA)

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 12/12/2019

Today’s Play of the Day is from Ryan Partridge, Head Coach at Liberty High School in Brentwood, CA. Coach may only run one RPO, but his 34 Power Houston Option has proven to be very effective. 34 Power Houston Option is ran out of 11 personnel with trips to the opposite side of the TE, who is attached to the line. The OL, TE are blocking power, while the RB is going through his power steps. The receivers are all running hitches. The quarterback is reading the linebacker and safety to the trip side, if they play off, the QB can throw the hitch or give to his RB for power. If the linebacker and safety start creeping up, the receivers bail on their hitches and essentially run to open space, like a hitch and go but the go is ran to the open space.


#1 Receiver: Hitch

#2 Receiver: Hitch, with option to go depending on alignment of defender

#3 Receiver: Hitch, with option to go depending on alignment of defender

RB: Power

TE: Power block

QB: reading linebacker and safety over the top of the #2 and #3 receivers, can give to RB, throw quick hitches if defenders are playing soft, can throw the go if defenders creep up

34 Power Houston

34 Power Houston

About Coach Partridge:

Ryan Partridge

Coach Partridge took over as the head coach at Liberty High school prior to the 2017 season. During his inaugural campaign, Partridge led the Lions to their first ever section title, just one year after the Lions finished 4-6. Having set the bar high in 2017, Coach led the Lions to an even greater 2018 as they defeated Sierra Canyon-Chatsworth 19-17 in the CIF Division 1-A State Bowl title game. In October, coach was selected as the 49ers Charlie Wedemeyer Memorial Coach of the Week for their teams win in their rivalry ‘Bell Game’ matchup vs the Freedom Falcons. Finally, in December 2018, Coach was again honored by the 49ers as their official Coach of the Year and represented his school at the NFL Pro Bowl week in Orlando as the team’s Don Shula NFL High School Coach of the Year.

Connect with Coach:

Twitter: @CoachPart

About Liberty:

Liberty High School has been playing football since the early 1900’s and have an impressive record of winning during that time. The Lions were EBCAL Champions 7 times, DVAL Champions 3 times, EBAL Champions 2 times, FAL Champions 2 times, have qualified for the NCS 6 times and won the NCS in 2017. Of course, this year the team went an unprecedented 13-1 and was the 2018 D1A California State Champions. The Lions finished the season as the 43 ranked High School in the entire country.

Connect with Liberty

Twitter: @lhslionsfb