[Podcast] A Deep Dive on Defense with Jason Makrinos

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 1/13/2020

On this episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, your host Keith Grabowski begins the first part of the “Deep Dive on Defense” series and welcomes University of Findlay’s (Ohio) defensive coordinator Jason Makrinos onto the show. Throughout the episode Makrinos breaks down various defensive schemes, coaching reinforcement tactics, and he also illustrates the art of creating takeaways on defense.

0:20 Intro

1:10 Jason Makrinos’ background

4:00 Makrinos’ defensive scheme

6:53 Installing various looks on defense

10:03 Matchup based game plans

11:56 Creating takeaways

16:30 Signage

17:51 Ball on the Wall

24:10 Ball period during practice

28:54 Matching the hand

30:30 Fumble recovery

33:36 Quarter-Quarter-Half coverage

38:54 Attacking Quarter-Quarter-Half

42:50 Pin and Pull

44:36 Defending Empty RPO

47:53 Dictating the offense

51:32 Eighth man in run fits

53:15 Closing


You can follow Jason Makrinos on Twitter @CoachMakrinos

His email address is makrinos@findlay.edu