[Podcast] All In On Offense - Linfield College Co-Offensive Coordinators Aaron Boehme and Brett Elliott

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 1/13/2020

To start off our new “All In On Offense” series, your host Keith Grabowski invited Linfield College’s (Ore.) co-offensive coordinators Aaron Boehme and Brett Elliott onto the Coach and Coordinator podcast. Listen in as Boehme and Elliott assess what factors and decisions played a part in helping make Linfield College the nation leader in passing yards during the 2019 season. Both coordinators also discuss their own chemistry as co-offensive coordinators and various concepts in the passing game.

0:20 Intro

1:20 Boehme and Elliott’s background

4:01 International Football experience

4:50 Coach Elliott’s professional football career

6:19 Lessons from Arena Football

6:49 Basics of a skip release

7:26 Boehme and Elliott coaching dynamic

9:40 Developing a culture on offense

12:10 Categorizing Linfield’s offense

13:28 Concepts in the passing game

14:21 What made the offense successful?

18:04 “The Syrup” Route

20:49 Creating consistent reads

23:51 Operating under center

24:52 Variations of naked boot-leg

29:17 Linfield’s 2019 passing success

31:43 Protection scheme

32:36 Opponent’s trends

35:30 In-Game adjustments

39:03 Tempo

42:19 Coexisting as co-coordinators

46:26 Practice structures

48:50 Improving the passing game

50:46 Offseason homework

52:50 The Winning Edge

55:21 Conclusion

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