[Podcast] All In On Offense – Josh Lindke: Passing Game Coordinator at Toledo Central Catholic High School (Ohio)

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 1/24/2020

Coach Josh Lindke has learned a lot during his young career. In the continuation of our "All in on Offense" series, we listen to the life experiences of Toledo Central Catholic's (Ohio) passing game coordinator and quarterback coach Josh Lindke. Hear how Coach Lindke took advantage of every opportunity presented to him, and how he used that knowledge to help his quarterbacks improve.

0:19 Intro

1:15 History of Toldeo Central Catholic

3:48 Coach Lindke’s background

18:30 Learning opportunities in coaching

23:18 Breaking down film

28:33 Finding clues on film

31:28 Utilizing cadence and motion

36:21 Clues in read-option game

38:19 Coach Lindke’s weekly schedule

47:20 Grading your players

49:44 Quarterback input on the play-call sheet

52:26 Handling a quarterback competition

58:05 Quarterback competition (cont.)

1:01:16 Lessons learned from coaching mentors

1:03:29 Coach Lindke contact info


You can contact Coach Lindke through either Twitter or by email:

- @Coach_JLindke

- joshlindke15@gmail.com