[Podcast] Analytics in Coaching- Drew Liddle, Kansas State University Offensive Quality Control Coach

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 1/24/2020

Behind the scenes of every football program are an army of individuals that work to help football programs across the country succeed on gamedays. Serving as the Assistant Director of Recruiting and as an Offensive Quality Control coach at Kansas State University, Drew Liddle uses research and analytics behind the scenes to help achieve victories. After playing for five seasons as an offensive lineman at Kansas State, Liddle transitioned his career path into coaching at his alma mater. Tune in to discover Coach Liddle’s approach to preparing for gameday.

0:20 Intro

1:09 Coach Liddle introduction

2:21 Daily duties as quality control coach

3:57 Seeing the game differently

6:09 How have analytics changed football

9:08 Identifying tendencies

11:31 Improving on in-game adjustments

13:38 Honesty from players

16:10 Division of labor for opponent scouting

17:20 Communicating in-game adjustments

18:38 The power play

22:12 Projecting recruits to fit power-run scheme

24:11 Changing the defense’s eyes

25:25 “Go Route” technology

31:18 The winning edge

32:47 Closing


You can follow Coach Liddle on Twitter here: @CoachLiddle

For any questions or inquires you can email Coach Liddle at this address as well: dliddle@kstatesports.com