[Podcast] Endorsed by P.J. Fleck and Ed Orgeron – Changing the Narrative with Rachel Baribeau

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 1/24/2020

Speaking more than 50 times at 35 schools, Rachel Baribeau has dedicated herself to “Changing the Narrative” in people’s lives. Originally having a passion to become a sportscaster, Baribeau did indeed become the first female host on SiriusXM ESPNU radio and had a 17-year career. But after suffering several traumatic experiences in her own life, Rachel decided to help athletes by shedding a light on the importance of nurturing one’s mental health, and by encouraging them to become the Kings and Queens they are meant to be. On this episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, hear how you and your athletes can start to live lives of purpose, passion and platform. This is an interview that can help impact next season and the lives of student-athletes for the better.  

0:21 Intro

1:24 Rachel Baribeau’s background

6:25 Maturation of Changing the Narrative program

12:42 Sharing your own story with each other

20:31 Experiences with P.J. Fleck & Ed Orgeron

25:39 Opening up to your players

31:40 Closing


For more information about how you can Change the Narrative, visit http://www.imchangingthenarrative.org and also https://www.fanpowered.io/rachel/

You can also follow Rachel Baribeau on Twitter here: @RachelBaribeau