[Podcast] Blocking Kicks and Punts – Jake Spalik, SUNY Cortland (N.Y.) Special Teams Coordinator

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 1/28/2020

In our first special teams episode of 2020, your host Keith Grabowski welcomes SUNY Cortland special teams coordinator and tight ends coach Jake Spalik onto the Coach and Coordinator podcast. Coach Spalik came to SUNY Cortland in 2019 after spending two seasons as a wide receivers coach at Stevenson University (Md.). Hear how Coach Spalik helped lead his unit to the nation’s top spot in Division III college football in blocked kicks and punts this past season.


0:21 Intro

0:59 Coach Spalik’s background

1:58 Leading the nation in blocked kicks/punts

3:12 Discovering special teams players

4:15 Allotting time for special teams

6:13 Staff involvement

7:32 Schematic setup for blocking kicks/punts

9:55 Entering the mind of the opponent

10:33 Different techniques for blocking kicks/punts

12:21 Avoiding penalties

13:06 Returning a blocked kick

14:26 Practicing field goal block

16:33 Opponent scouting/tipoffs

17:58 Attacking different formations on special teams

19:58 Handling eligible and ineligible players

21:44 Getting through the shield

24:10 Time management for special teams in practice

26:10 Returning blocked punts for touchdown

27:04 Kick return game

28:39 Setting up blocks in return game

31:17 Reverses on kick return

32:30 Practicing efficiently

34:11 Evaluating special teams play

35:57 The winning edge

37:21 Closing


You can follow Coach Spalik on Twitter here: @JakeSpalik1

For further inquiries, Coach Spalik’s email is jacob.spalik@cortland.edu