[Podcast] All In On Offense – Offensive Coordinator Danny Schaechter, Coaching the Power Run

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 1/28/2020

We continue our “All In On Offense” series with Gonzaga College High School (Washington, D.C.) offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Danny Schaechter. During his tenure, Coach Schaechter led a Gonzaga offense that captured a Washington Catholic Athletic Conference championship in 2018 and a semifinal berth in 2019. With over 14 seasons of coaching experience, Coach Schaechter has seen a lot of variations and constraints in offenses, particularly when it comes to establishing a strong rushing attack. Hear how Coach Schaechter has crafted his offense based off his experiences on this episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast.

0:22 Intro

1:04 History of Gonzaga College High School

2:52 Coach Schaechter’s background

10:18 How Coach Schaechter created his system

12:23 Power run game philosophy

13:17 Variations in power run

18:18 Downhill power run

19:25 Utilizing the fullback/tight end

22:51 Designations within the play call

24:50 Double teams

26:40 Preparing players for gameday

28:42 Studying even and odd fronts

30:52 Quarterback and running back footwork

33:39 Running back cutback lanes

35:39 Utilizing different formations and personnel

37:26 Constraint plays

45:52 Screen plays

47:24 Game planning

49:08 RPOs and power scheme

51:84 One-back power

56:24 Power-Lead

57:49 The winning edge

59:33 Closing


You can follow Coach Schaechter on Twitter here: @CoachDShack