[Podcast] : Home Team Podcast – Jake Moreland, Offensive Coordinator at Western Michigan University

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 1/29/2020

Guest host Joel Nellis continues our "Home Team” series with an interview with Western Michigan assistant coach and offensive coordinator Jake Moreland. Playing alongside his head coach, Tim Lester, at Western Michigan from 1996 to 1999, this is truly a homecoming for Coach Moreland. In this episode, hear how Coach Moreland balances working for his alma mater with family life and what advice he would give coaches as they continue to grow their careers and home life.

0:20 Intro

3:46 Stars of Coach Moreland’s home team

5:35 Coach Moreland’s children

8:12 Career decisions

11:54 Evaluating jobs

14:15 Child discipline at home

16:44 Process of moving to new job

18:43 Staying engaged in kid’s lives

20:28 Keeping connection with your wife

22:55 Attending your child’s events

28:51 Overcoming a struggle as a family

31:15 Being a role model for your players

32:31 Making offensive linemen feel valued

35:24 Victory formation