[Podcast] 2019 USA Football National Conference: Jeremy Pruitt, Head Coach of the University of Tennessee

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 1/31/2020

Born and raised in the state of Alabama, Jeremy Pruitt climbed his way up the coaching ladder. Going from working with elementary students to becoming a five-time national champion is a long journey, but Coach Pruitt accomplished that. His next goal is to bring the University of Tennessee’s football program back to prominence. A speaker at the 2019 USA Football National Conference, tune in and hear Coach Pruitt’s favorite defensive coverages, his coaching background and the importance of properly educating players.

0:20 Intro 

1:58 Coach Pruitt’s background

5:32 Joining the staff at Alabama

7:30 Stops at Florida State and Georgia

11:17 Promoting the game

14:17 Player safety

15:10 How to tackle

16:25 Recruiting

19:26 Going to coaching clinics

20:35 Quarters coverage

21:02 Stump coverage

23:44 Trend of nickel defense

24:28 Back to stump coverage

28:58 Play clip 1

33:45 Play clip 2

38:32 Play clip 3

41:25 Play clip 4

43:48 Play clip 5

48:46 Play clip 6

49:37 Play clip 7

50:25 Play clip 8

51:38 Play clip 9

52:43 Play clip 10

59:03 Play clip 11

1:00:16 Play clip 12

1:01:22 Play clip 13 

1:02:34 Tennessee’s program philosophy 

1:04:30 Conclusion

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