[Podcast] All In On Offense- Offensive Coordinator Joe Beschorner, Quarterback Run Game

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 2/3/2020

A previous guest on the Coach and Coordinator podcast, Minnesota State University offensive coordinator Joe Beschorner joins the show today to continue our “All In On Offense” series. The 2019 Football Scoop Coordinator of the Year award winner, Coach Beschorner began his coaching career at Minnesota State as an interim offensive coordinator. Soon into his tenure, however, Coach Beschorner’s offenses broke multiple school records. Hear how to utilize your quarterback in the running game, the intricacies of power run plays and more on this episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast.

0:20 Intro

1:24 Offenses playing in bad weather conditions

2:19 Minnesota State’s offensive success

3:24 Coach Beschorner’s philosophy 

5:48 Advantages of quarterback running the ball

8:01 Different schemes for running the quarterback

9:19 Run calls for quarterback

9:57 Gap schemes 

14:10 Simplifying the scheme

14:55 Double teams

16:54 Kick out blocks

19:02 Counter plays

21:09 Pin and Pull 

24:33 Motions and misdirection

28:10 Power read for quarterback

30:15 Mesh point on offense

33:34 Handling the blitz at mesh point

39:10 Gap exchange

40:36 Play-action off power read

44:42 Quarterback launch point off play-action

46:54 Quarterback contact during practice

47:27 Pin and Pull

48:56 Game planning quarterback run game

51:34 Winning edge

51:58 Closing

You can follow Coach Beschorner on Twitter here: @Joe Beschorner

A previous episode featuring Coach Beschorner: User-804678956 – Ncaa-leaders-joe-beschorner-minnesota-state-offensive-coordinator

Play examples from today’s episode: 


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