[Podcast] NYSHSFCA: Kyle Flood, University of Alabama Offensive Line Coach

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 2/10/2020

Your host Keith Grabowski was able to visit the New York State High School Football Coaches’ Association Clinic. During his time in New York, Keith was able to sit down with a multitude of coaches to garner insight and knowledge into new trends in football. On today’s episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, University of Alabama offensive line coach Kyle Flood joins the show. A former head coach at Rutgers University and an offensive line coach for the Atlanta Falcons, Coach Flood has experienced a lot during his career. Hear his insight on his favorite blocking schemes, his experiences ranging from the high school football to the NFL and Coach Flood's thoughts on what gives the University of Alabama the winning edge.

0:20 Intro 
1:20 Coach Flood’s background
2:19 Playing at Iona College
3:48 Early days as a coach
5:45 Differences at each playing level
6:41 Impressions from the culture at Alabama
8:06 The impact of coaching at Alabama
9:15 Coordinating the run game
10:36 How many reps do we really need?
11:40 Facing SEC defenses and wide zone plays
13:12 Shoulder lifts
13:31 Pin and Pull
14:53 Communication on the sideline with players
16:35 Organizing pass protection
18:14 Identifying disguises from the defense
19:12 Analyzing formations
21:10 Eliminating speed rush with chipping
22:16 Changing sets for tackles
23:36 The winning edge

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