[Podcast] Devotion Leads to Promotion – SUNY Cortland’s New Head Coach, Curt Fitzpatrick

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 2/13/2020

On this episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, we welcome the newly minted SUNY Cortland head football coach, Curt Fitzpatrick, onto the show. Before taking his new position, Coach Fitzpatrick was at the helm of SUNY Morrisville. During his seven-year tenure, Coach Fitzpatrick guided SUNY Morrisville to four winning seasons, one conference championship and three postseason ECAC Bowl appearances. Coach Fitzpatrick is looking to bring his high-flying offense to SUNY Cortland as his former team averaged 31.5 points and 438 yards per game over the past seven years. Hear from Coach Fitzpatrick as he details what culture he wants to establish, his offensive philosophy and what he’s looking forward to the most in his new role.  

0:20 Intro

1:37 Coach Fitzpatrick’s background

3:21 Learning the game

5:59 Empowering your players

10:29 Coach Fitzpatrick’s mission statement

14:26 Examples of program culture setting in

 15:50 Coach Fitzpatrick’s offense

16:49 Creating structure on offense

19:02 Importance of repetition at practice

20:10 Quarterback philosophy 

24:36 Eyes of the quarterback

26:27 Closing

You can follow Coach Fitzpatrick on Twitter here: @_CoachFitz.

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