[Podcast] Being Uncommon: Blaise Faggiano, Utica College (N.Y.) Head Coach

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 2/18/2020

On today's episode of the Coach and Coordinator Podcast, we caught up with Utica College (N.Y.) head coach, special teams coordinator and defense line coach, Blaise Faggiano. Hear how he operates a multitude of position groups all while instilling a culture of becoming "uncommon" at Utica College.

1:42 Intro 

2:13 Coach Faggiano’s roles 

3:46 Influences on Coach Faggiano

9:27 Building a culture at Utica

14:28 Developing team chemistry 

17:43 Special teams

24:10 Future of the kickoff 

27:42 Safety in football 

32:07 Improving your depth chart

34:42 Emphasis on the defensive line

37:47 Inside foot to the ball

39:24 The winning edge

You can follow Blaise Faggiano on Twitter here: @CoachFaggiano

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