[Podcast] How to be a Great Assistant: Christian Ozolins, Head Coach at Buffalo State College (N.Y.)

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 2/20/2020

With 26 years of collegiate coaching experience, Christian Ozolins has paid his dues as an assistant coach. Maryville College, Methodist University, Alfred University and Hamilton College are some of the institutions that Coach Ozolins has worked at. After serving as the interim head coach for Buffalo State College last season, Coach Ozolins was officially named as the head coach for the Bengals and working on several coaching staffs has prepared him for this moment. Tune in as your host, Keith Grabowski, and Coach Ozolins discuss the keys to becoming a great assistant coach. 

1:41 Intro

2:02 Coach Ozolins’ background

3:26 How to be a great assistant coach

5:45 Other tips on being a great assistant 

8:00 Identifying your weaknesses

10:34 Recruiting

12:26 Being organized 

13:22 Coaching attire

16:46 Keeping work and home separate 

18:41 Put the cellphone down

19:34 Building relationships on campus

23:11 The winning edge

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