[Podcast] Win Your Now: Jordan Hogan, Wide Receiver Coach at Cornell University (N.Y.)

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 3/3/2020

At only 28 years old, Cornell University wide receiver coach Jordan Hogan has certainly accomplished a lot in his young coaching career. Already, Coach Hogan has interned with the Buffalo Bills, Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens. This resulted in Coach Hogan being guided by mentors such as the Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman. With experience at all three levels of collegiate football and in the National Football League, Coach Hogan has soaked in knowledge from his previous stops and has shared that with his receiving core. Hear what Coach Hogan has learned throughout his career and how he emphasizes winning your now on this episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast. 

0:20 Intro 

1:07 Coach Hogan’s Career 

2:48 Mentors for Coach Hogan

5:29 Leading the wide receiver room

7:29 Obstacles during career

9:11 Inside the wide receiver room

11:38 Managing playing time

13:29 From film study to the field

15:15 Practice details

21:59 7-on-7 and team period

23:23 Role on game day

25:08 Player evaluations

29:22 The winning edge

You can follow Coach Hogan on Twitter here at @CoachHoags

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