[Podcast] Teaching C- and D-Gap RPOs: Brent Dearmon, Offensive Coordinator at the University of Kansas

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 3/10/2020

Preparation is always crucial because when opportunities arise, you must be ready to take them. On this episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, we invited back coach Brent Dearmon. Originally an offensive consultant, Coach Dearmon was promoted by Kansas Jayhawk head coach Les Miles to serve as the program’s new offensive coordinator on October 6, 2019. Due to his previous experience as an offensive coordinator at Arkansas Tech, head coach at Bethel University (Tenn.) and analyst at Auburn University (Ala.), Coach Dearmon was able to handle the task of taking over as Kansas’ offensive coordinator mid-season. Learn about Coach Dearmon’s experiences on this episode and also how he helps incorporate C- and D-Gap RPOs into his offense. 

0:20 Intro

2:33 Taking over as Kansas’ offensive coordinator

5:56 Evolving your offense

7:55 Changing the way you teach

9:19 Paying it forward

12:22 C- and D-Gap RPOs

14:50 Example of C-Gap RPOs

16:44 What is the aim point on different paths?

17:31 Avoiding ineligible man downfield penalties

20:49 Avoiding penalties on the fullback

22:19 Duties of X-receiver 

23:08 D-Gap RPOs

25:27 Gap scheme RPOs

28:09 Base offense

29:36 When do you push?

30:10 Pre- and post-snap side

30:35 Proper alignment for running backs

32:36 Complementing power reads

You can follow Coach Dearmon on Twitter here: @BrentDearmon

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