[Podcast] : Engaging Players During Spring: John Brewer, Senior Analyst at the University of Miami

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 3/25/2020

Today on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast, your host Keith Grabowski spoke with coach John Brewer, a senior analyst at the University of Miami. During this episode, Coach Brewer describes his coaching journey and how he took on any task he could to help improve his knowledge about the game. He also reveals the apps and technology that Miami uses to help educate their players during the off-season and for game prep during the season.

1:57 Intro

2:47 Moving up the coaching tree

5:13 Getting position as college coach

6:49 Coach Brewer’s mindset

10:16 Mental reps from practice footage

14:16 Just Play App

23:54 Testing your players on game plan

26:54 Coaches utilizing Just Play App

You can follow Coach Brewer on Twitter here: @CoachBrehaw


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