[Podcast]: Teaching the Stretch Play: Brian Callahan, Offensive Line Coach at the University of Minnesota

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 3/25/2020

On this episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, host Keith Grabowski caught up with University of Minnesota offensive line coach and run game coordinator Brian Callahan at USA Football's 2020 National Conference. Hear how Coach Callahan teaches his zone blocking scheme, and in particular, the stretch play. Also learn about how the Golden Gophers utilize six offensive linemen throughout the game and in certain formations.

1:57 Intro

2:51 Coach Callahan’s background

5:46 Culture at Minnesota

7:54 Developing the offensive line

15:38 Utilizing six offensive linemen

20:36 Outside zone

22:39 Blocks and combos

24:06 Fit and aiming point

25:57 Eliminate negative plays

27:14 Zone vs. man reaching

29:41 Communication

30:22 Combination blocks

33:26 Stretch plays

37:19 Simplicity and reads

38:02 Backside blocks

38:44 Patience of running backs

41:12 Helping players understand scheme

42:37 Winning edge


You can follow Coach Callahan on Twitter here: @CallyBrian


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