[Podcast]: Keeping Your Strength and Speed Gains: Micah Kurtz, 2018 NSCA National Strength Coach of the Year

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 3/25/2020

On this episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, we welcome back to the show Micah Kurtz, the 2018 NSCA National Strength Coach of the Year. Currently the Director of Sports Performance and Assistant Athletic Director at Windermere Prep School in Orlando, Florida as well as the Strength and Conditioning Consultant Coach to nine-time high school basketball national champion Oak Hill Academy, Micah Kurtz has been an integral part of his community. Tune in and learn how you can maintain strength, speed and flexibility of your players during the extended offseason.

1:59 Intro

3:02 Staying in shape

7:21 Maintaining strength

10:08 Keeping up speed and power

16:53 Working on flexibility

19:04 Mobility drills

20:11 Handling the unknown

23:33 Closing

You can follow Micah Kurtz on Instagram and Twitter here: @KurtzM3 

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  • Email: Kurtzmicah@gmail.com “Where Athletes Are Made”

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