[Podcast] Q&A with Michael Lombardi; Three-Time Super Bowl Champion NFL Coach and General Manager

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 3/25/2020

A former NFL coach and general manager, Michael Lombardi has learned a lot during his career in the league. The three-time Super Bowl champion joined your host Keith Grabowski on this episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast. During the episode, Coach Lombardi answers listener questions and offers advice to coaches at the high school level. Hear how you can master the middle eight, how you can avoid bias in your decision-making, and what true power really is in your program.

1:58 Intro

3:13 Avoiding bias in decision-making

5:12 Dangers of group-thinking

6:06 The Corleone family

6:54 True power in a program

8:07 Turning around your program

9:44 What to look for in assistant coaches

12:30 Controlling the middle eight

16:09 Utilizing timeouts

18:38 Advice to high school coaches

20:22 Springsteen

You can follow Coach Lombardi on Twitter here: @MLombardiNFL

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