[Podcast]: Quarterback Development and Efficient Game Planning: Joe Davis, Offensive Coordinator at the University of Albany (N.Y.)

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 3/25/2020

On this episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, your host Keith Grabowski caught up with the University of Albany’s offensive coordinator and quarterback coach, Joe Davis. Last year, the University of Albany led the FCS in touchdown passes with 41 on the season. They also scored 26 touchdown passes in the redzone with zero interceptions. Tune into this episode to hear how Coach Davis instills his offensive identity, orchestrates efficient game planning, and helps build his passing game based on what his quarterback does best. 

1:57 Intro

3:00 Inspiration for Coach Davis

4:02 Lessons learned throughout Coach Davis’ career

6:21 Having success at multiple levels

10:27 Building an offensive identity

13:04 Building rapport with your quarterback

21:18 Identifying defenses

23:27 Disguising plays

25:23 Game planning efficiently

34:13 Utilizing technology with your staff

36:30 Managing game preparation

37:46 Building passing game around your quarterback

46:53 Calls with a purpose

49:39 The winning edge

You can follow Coach Davis on Twitter here: @CoachJoeDavis

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