[Podcast] Coaching the Wide Zone: Jason Houghtaling, Offensive Line Coach at Colgate University

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 4/14/2020

Today on the Coach and Coordinator podcast we analyze the details behind running a wide zone scheme with Colgate University's offensive line coach, Jason Houghtaling. The former head coach and offensive coordinator at Wagner College, Coach Houghtaling joins our host Keith Grabowski on this episode to breakdown how you can help your offense learn the proper techniques, angles, and reads, in the wide zone.

3:55 Wide zone

8:53 Impact on your offense

16:36 Two-man combos

22:46 Details leading to results

27:01 Cutbacks in wide zone

29:46 Questions about wide zone scheme

34:55 Role of the individual

37:18 Running backs in wide zone

40:43 Making reads

43:23 Recruiting areas

You can follow Coach Houghtaling on Twitter here: @jhoughtaling1

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