[Podcast] Defending the RPO and Unbalanced: Casey Jacobsen, Co-Defensive Coordinator at Morningside College

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 4/15/2020

Today on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast we welcome back  the Football Scoop Co-Coordinator of the Year, Coach Casey Jacobsen. Currently the co-defensive coordinator at the 2019 NAIA National Champions, Morningside College, learn how Coach Jacobsen approaches defending RPOs. Also tune in and hear how he works to build a culture on defense that helps develop his players to analyze and identify the opposing offense's formations, disguises, and play designs. 

3:27 Culture wins

4:52 Defending the RPO

6:31 Using your safeties

9:47 Insight from Coach Leuders

11:41 Technique

13:40 Dealing with unbalanced formations

16:52 Trouble period in practice

18:37 Preparing for no huddle

21:22 Trends to account for

23:03 Making adjustments 

You can follow Coach Jacobsen on Twitter here: @CoachCJake

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