[Podcast] Third and Long Sticks Coverage: Mike Fox, Defensive Coordinator at SUNY Brockport

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 4/20/2020

Today on the Coach and Coordinator podcast, your host Keith Grabowski welcomes back SUNY Brockports' defensive coordinator Mike Fox onto the show. Tune in and hear how Coach Fox implements a sticks coverage philosophy on third and long. Also learn how in 2018, Coach Fox was named D3 Coordinator of the Year as his unit held its entire schedule to negative rushing yards in 11 out of 12 games.

3:32 People helping people

4:52 Pressure on 3rd and long

7:44 Alignment and base principles

9:51 Drilling technique into form

12:41 Attacking sticks coverage

16:46 Defending second level screens

19:55 Troubleshooting sticks coverage

23:18 Attacking a run pressure defense

25:24 Recruiting areas

You can follow Coach Fox on Twitter here: @CoachMFox1

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