Holiday Gift Ideas for Football Fans

By Meredith Ketzler | Posted 12/1/2020

The holiday season means family-time, tasty meals and usually, lots of gift giving. With football season being smack dab in the middle of the holiday-fun, it is the perfect time to give that football-themed gift.

It’s the time of year friends and family gather around the TV to watch their favorite team or at least quickly check the score in between meals. It’s no secret a football-themed gift will be a big hit. We made a list and checked it twice and think these 12 gift ideas will score big points with the football fans in your life.

1. Football Gloves

If you have someone that plays the game, get them a fresh pair of gloves to wear in games, practice or in the backyard. Check out these options.

2. Football Helmet Shield

Adding a shield to your athlete’s helmet won’t only help protect them from possible injuries, it will make them feel like pro. Here are some ideas for helmet shields.

3. Football Cleats

Get your athlete ready for next season with a brand-new pair of cleats. They might have ideas of what color or brand they want, so try to find out before you purchase. If not, browse these cleats.

4. Official NFL football

Whether it has their favorite team logo or the NFL logo, an official NFL football makes playing catch and practicing that much better. See these options.

5. College or Professional Gear (Jersey, Socks, Sweatshirt, T-shirt, Hat, Scarf)

Help your football fan rep their favorite teams and players all year long with a jersey, sweatshirt and other official team gear. Browse the NFL website or the NCAA website to see what catches your eye.

6. Yeti Cooler or Yeti Tumbler

Keep cold beverages cool and hot beverages hot while at a tailgate or in the stands with a Yeti. Use it all year long for sporting events or even your family picnics. You can even get custom gear with their favorite team’s logo! Browse Yeti.

7. Subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket and/of NFL Game Pass

Unable to attend games? Get the NFL Sunday Ticket, so they don’t miss a minute of game. The NFL Game Pass is a great addition to watch all games that were previously aired. There will be no missed hail Mary passes with this subscription.

8. NFL Game Tickets/ College Game Tickets

Just because the season is near the end, it doesn’t mean you can’t get tickets to a game. Look ahead to next year and scope out a few dates. Give an “I owe you” and say tickets will be coming in the future or let them pick the game for you both to attend.

9. Wall Art

Find a poster or fun football art to hang on the walls in their room.

10. Football Games (Madden or Yard Games)

Do you have a gamer? Get the latest Madden video game. Want something they can play in the yard? Get an outdoor game everyone can enjoy. Check this out!

11. Favorite Team Themed Phone Case

People don’t go anywhere without their phone – usually. Your football fan can rep their favorite team wherever they go with their phone case that has their team’s logo.

12. Glassware with Team Logo

Your football fan can sip their favorite beverage from a glass with their team’s logo. See these ideas.