The Perfect Resolution for 2021: Just Be Positive

By Jon Buzby | Posted 12/31/2020

As we near the end of the most unusual year most of us have lived through, the new year is welcome like never before. 

With that comes the annual task of making resolutions. The number and type people make vary as does if and how long they are kept. 

I have an easy one for you.

As we venture into 2021, we do so hoping that it has to be better than 2020. And that attitude is a great start to my suggested resolution to “just be positive.” 

Sometimes that’s easier said than done, even for those who always look at life with a glass-half-full attitude. But even if we each just pledge to be positive when it comes to our football team and organization, that would be a huge step.

We can’t yet be guaranteed what winter training or competition will look like, and the same holds true for the spring. We all hope to soon be making our way out of this pandemic and things going back to normal, but there are no guarantees.

What is guaranteed is that if we all take the approach of handling the situations as they happen with a positive attitude, everyone will be in a better mood, which ultimately leads to what we are used to experiencing during our involvement in youth sports – good times!

A short season is better than no season. Just practicing with no games is better than no football at all. Smiles are better than frowns. 

As we get set to enter next year, resolve to “just be positive” and the good times will follow.

Best wishes for a happy, safe and healthy New Year! 

Jon Buzby has been involved in and writing about youth sports for the past 30 years with perspectives as a parent, coach and board member. Jon is an award-winning writer and his latest book, “Coaching Kids Made Easier,” is available on Amazon. Send comments or future blog topics you'd like to see to and follow him @YouthSportsBuzz on Twitter.