How to Start a Youth Football League

By Gehrig Parker | Posted 4/13/2021

Starting your own youth football team or organization from scratch can be intimidating, and rightfully so as its uncharted territory. Thinking about where to even begin can easily make one’s head spin, but it doesn’t need to be this hard or complicated. 

By enrolling with USA Football, you’ll receive premier resources and tools such as the League Operations Guide to help you take your organization from idea to reality, benefitting football families in your community for years to come.

As you’ll see below, the League Operations Guide offers you a step-by-step solution to ensure you set your league up for success. Not only is this resource intended for new teams and organizations, it can also help existing leagues become even stronger in providing a better athlete experience.

The League Operations Guide is only one of the resources you get when you enroll with USA Football, and the best part about that is it’s free to do. To learn more on how to enroll your organization today and see the support you can receive, visit

If you have questions or need help enrolling your organization, contact your USA Football Regional Manager.


Whether your organization is full-contact, non-contact or offers a progression of game types, enrolling with USA Football gives you access to operational resources, from in-depth guides to communication tools to enhanced coach education and certifications.