Flag Football Playbooks With USA Football Enrollment

By Gehrig Parker | Posted 4/23/2021

Are you an organization adding flag football to your range of offerings for the first time this season? Or are you a seasoned coach looking for some new play ideas?

Wherever you are, USA Football enrollment has you covered. Among the premier resources and tools you receive by enrolling with USA Football are play books featuring more than 300 plays spanning all Game Types (Non-Contact, Limited Contact, Contact).

Whether you’re new to the game or have kids who’ve played for years, the play books have something for everyone from an introduction to formations to advanced trick plays. Get a sneak peek of some of the 5v5 and 7v7 flag football formations and plays below.

7v7 Flag Football Formations and Plays: Introduction to Formations7v7 Flag Football Formations and Plays: Introduction to Formations7v7 Flag Football I Formation: Pass, Fake Reverse and Right Reverse7v7 Flag Football Stack Plays: Stack Left7v7 Flag Football Play Calling: Spread Right Play7v7 Flag Football Trips Right7v7 Flag Football - Empty Plays

More than 300 plays can be at your fingertips by enrolling with USA Football, so coaches be sure to remind your organizations to enroll. And it doesn’t just stop at playbooks. Enrollment also gives you resources such as pre-made practice plans and guides with over 250 drills. To learn more on how to enroll your organization today and see the support you can receive, visit usafootball.com/enroll.

If you have questions or need help enrolling your organization, contact your USA Football Regional Manager.


Whether your organization is full-contact, non-contact or offers a progression of game types, enrolling with USA Football gives you access to operational resources, from in-depth guides to communication tools to enhanced coach education and certifications.