6 Money-Saving Tips When Applying and Attending College

By Quinn Ursprung | Posted 8/20/2021

College Application Tips
College application season is right around the corner. Here are some money-saving tips when it comes to college applications and expenses.

  1. Budget for Application Costs
    • The average college application fee is between $40-$60. The more expensive the school, the more expensive the application fee will be. Research what the application fee may be before you decide to apply.
  2. Know your Deadlines
    • Start your applications as early as you can so you can complete them by the deadline. Be sure to mark on your calendar when the deadline is.
  3. Proofread
    • While filling out the application, pay close attention to any typos or mistakes. After you've completed filling out the information, have someone review your work - it's always helpful to have a separate pair of eyes on your work.

College Budget Tips
If you're attending college next Fall, it's time to pay attention to your budget and how to save while attending school.

  1. Pay Attention to Over-Spending
    • Once you're at your dream school, it's important to pay attention to what you're spending your money on.
    • If you bought a meal plan at school - use it! The costs of eating out can add up quickly.
    • Look into the costs of living on-campus versus off-campus - Roommates can help with splitting the cost of housing.
  2. Find Resources to Help You Pay for College
    • If you're getting federal student loans, have your questions answered through Commerce Bank's Student Loan FAQ. Learn the difference between federal and private and direct subsidized and unsubsidized loans.
  3. Explore Campus Amenities and Activities
    • Check out events, activities and amenities that are available - for free - on campus! There are a lot of perks for students, reach out to your Student Activities Board or the specific college website for more details.

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